This is just my (=anti's) homepage. Nothing fancy here.
I just use it to test new stuff;
And keep myself up-to-date of what I'm up to.

Just some flickr testing.

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Merged Jekyll with Upstream.

I justed merged my jekyll branch with upstream/master.

Will see how that works out.

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Looking back at 2002.

Let's see what happened.

I was trying to keep you entertained

with linux stuff, other linux stuff, green (which is just more linux stuff), nvidia (linux stuff) and a new harddisk (for linux stuff) 60GB

gkrellMMSi was one of the tools that could have become huge, but I had major focus problems back then.

stoned was idling around due to the same problems.

evoke was one of the demoscene parties I attended, but never managed to start any stuff (let's not even think about finishing).

Restructuring of blog/site tools, the automization of this site has come a long way.

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Minus Ten - 2010-12

My first (surviving) blog entries are from August 2000. This was ten years ago, so I'll grab the chance and start to look at them with some hindesight bias ;)

December 2010 Looking back it seems like I was more twittering than blogging back then. Well, I should have seen the light and become rich, but I didn't. Some posts about buying CDs, coffee breaks my Empeg MKII, waking up, java which suxs some posts about finishing work and lunch.

And more tweet like stuff. And by December 6th I still didn't start an entry for the party.

All in all kinda boring. But I wasn't yet ready to open up my private live to the world.

I was working in Hursley at IBM back then ensuring good communication between the Boeblingen and Hursley team. The product was MQSeries Integrater, which later should become an integral part for banks and brokers.

My operating system of choice was GNU/Linux (Debian). With Afterstep as the window manager. I was hacking a lot of stuff in Perl and Shell (Bash) and used C/C++ to write code.

In 2000 I was still on the "fastlane" which was IBM wording for "upper management soon". I bailed out later, which I never really regretted, but didn't see coming back then.

Life was good; And I was single...

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Better Decisions

A few weeks ago I explained how making decision lead to a new place to live (But then I decided).

A little more than a year ago when I started to work for Gameforge, I walked past the building and said to myself "I want that corner office."

It was the office of our CEO Alexander Rösner. So what I really was thinking was "I want to become the CEO."

I deciced on the spot to get that office. Only realizing my mistake just a few days ago.

Last week on monday we did the usual round of office sokoban and by pure luck - well, I had decided - I got exactly that office.

The lesson learned?

Be clear when you decide. Your subconsciousness will listen to you, but it will hear what you say, not what you mean.

My next decision? Become the CTO.

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But then I decided ...

... that my place was just too small.

For the last 3 years we've been living in a single room 30sqm (~323sqft) flat. It's on the top floor of a 11 story building and has a magnificient view, but still 30sqm is just not enough for two (and a half).

The other problem is that shared between the two of us we have to drive around 160km (~100miles) ... per day. Resulting in over 3000km (~1864miles) per month or 36000km (~22370miles) per year. That's a lot of gas - and not very "green".

So in October last year we wanted to change that. Easier said than done, since our budget for the change was around -200 Euros, yes, that's minus 200 Euros. We were already overspending, but that's a different story.

And we wanted to change it big time. Not just doubling up to 60sqm (~646sqft) and two rooms or tripling to 90sqm (~969sqft) and three rooms. No,

  • we wanted big.
  • And we wanted to fix the driving problem.
  • And we wanted to fix the overspending.

So what did we do?

We decided to change it.

If you decide to achieve something and you go after it, you will succeed. That's a basic rule of the universe.

(And you can quote me on that!)


  • we spent 9 month looking at
  • thousands of offers online and
  • checking about 200 candidates,

but in the end we made it.

In three weeks we'll get the keys to our new loft.

  • It has more than 4 times the old size (>120sqm, ~1292sqft).
  • It has more than 4 rooms.
  • It saves us around 100km (~62miles) per day, that's over 1900km (~1180miles) per month or 22800km (~14167miles) per year.

Oh and I nearly forgot. (If we combine the slightly higher rent with the saved driving costs and "other" stuff, e.g. uneeded external storage)

  • It saves us >300 Euros per month.

And all we needed to do was

decide what we wanted an go for it.

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10 Things iPhone OS Does Better Than Android

Ten weeks ago I switched to the Motorola Milestone as my main phone.

For the last to weeks I've been taking notes to write down my experiences with Android, so this Gizmodo Article was just the kick I needed to write it down for you.

1. iPhone OS only runs one application at a time.

Sure multitasking on a desktop PC or notebook is nice, but on a phone I want to have full control over what is running (and sucking battery power).

The only thing I want running on my smartphone while I'm using an application is "the phone", so I can always receive calls, no matter what I'm doing. The only exeception to this rule might be the music player, so I don't have to carry around an extra MP3-player.

At the end of my workday I usually have around 6-8 apps running on my Android phone and my battery is down to 5% (aka shutdown).

2. iPhone OS keeps your homescreen clean.

On my iPhone the apps are always nicely lined up in a grid and all icons have a common look.

On my Milestone I have to manually add the apps to the homescreen and no matter how hard I try after a few days it looks like a child has turned over his box of legos.

I don't want to freedom to make a mess. Force me to keep it tidy!

3. iPhone has a better app market.

True, out of 200.000 apps in the iPhone market 95% are pure crap. But, out of the 50.000 apps in the Android market 99.99999% (yes, 5 nines) are pure crap.

I love the fact that apple is tightening up their rules about application submission. Yes, it will slow down the app number growth, but will improve the signal-to-noise ratio significantly.

And for all those who think censorship is bad, go talk to those Android Tetris Developers.

4. iPhone status bar is cleaner.

My android status bar usually contains about 10-15 icons. Around 8 of these I just can't remember the meaning of. (Friends tell me this gets worse once you install more apps.)

My iPhone status bar contains network-quality, time and battery. What else do I need? Remember: It's a phone!

5. iPhone has fixed hardware.

As a developer Android is a total nightmare. Every day you get new hardware. The CPU performance changes, the memory size changes, the screen resolution and aspect ration keeps changing. Hitting one moving target is hard, but hitting 200 moving targets is impossible. Which might explain the low quality of android apps.

6. iPhone supports all carriers.

At least in europe, but so does Android.

7. There is only one iPhone OS.

Again (like the hardware problem): To many different paremeters make development and consitency very hard. The consumer will suffer from this.

8. iPhone has a single place for settings

Android scatters your settings all over the place and some of them are only reachable via extra apps/widgets.

I spent over an hour looking for the facebook app setting for the resolution of uploaded photos. It doesn't exist. On my iPhone I open settings, go to facebook and there it is.

9. iPhone has better social integration.

iPhone has an official twitter app with push notification. iPhone has an official facebook app. iPhone has it's own social network.

10. iPhone is cheaper.

In the first 10 weeks with my Mileston I spent more than twice on apps what I spent in 2 years in the iPhone appstore. And I don't have everything I need yet.

Hardware cost is the same and (european) carriers have the same data plans for both.

All in all a clear win for iPhone so far.

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Motorola Milestone
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The website needs a forum. I have used phpBB in the past, but was more than dissatisfied with it on many occasions, so I started to loom for other solutions.

A quick check at lead to this shortlist:

All non-Ruby and non-PHP forums where excluded. All forums not supporting Postgres where excluded. I wish they had info about Nginx support.

Let the elimination begin...


The website looked slick, but took ages to load. The "Community" area (Powered by Vanilla) didn't catch my eye at all. it felt a bit like the old phpBB 1.0. Sorry. Vanilla is out.


Fast load for their website, but it looked a bit .... lacking. Fast load time in their forum (N2 powered), but didn't find the downloads and documentation. Sorry. N2/NextBBS is gone.


Fast loading, good looking website. Found the info I needed (docs + downloads ) very fast. Even found the demo site immediatly, but ... nope. Loading didn't feel slick enough.


You knew this was coming ... didn't you? Opened the phpBB demo/community forum. And that was it. One look and I knew I just couldn't stand it. It might be better than 1.x and 2.x, but the memories just spoiled it.


Not really sure why, but the karma coming from FUDforum just was better. I might give phorum a try when I find some time for experimenting, but right now I need something that works.


The winner. So far. I will let you know in a few days if everything worked out.

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Codepage Problems

While trying to get LSI running for related posts, I stumbled over jekyll crashing when converting certain files.

In the end it was some wrong characters inside my posts.

The old posts from wordpress were encoded in ISO-8859-1 and an ä (E4) resulted in bad UTF-8 which jekyll expected.

The quick fix:

  find . -name "*.markdown" -exec iconv -f ISO-8859-1 -t UTF-8 {} -o {}.new \;
  find . -name "*.markdown" -exec mv {}.new {} \;

I might better get busy fixing jekyll to not crash and just ignore invalid characters though.

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1 - Living Room
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